Quilts of Valour Website

The only knitting I’ve managed to do this week is picking up the collar on Caeles. I’ve knit about half of it, but there is still half to go and all the sewing before it is really finished. My Citron is turning into an epic long-term lace project, as the rows are getting very long, very quickly. It doesn’t help that my days are full of catch up from all the things left un-done while I was away. Still, I think I’m getting a handle on things. If only there was one more week day this week, I would feel in control again. Of course, I can’t complain about it being Friday, that would be sacrilege.

One project that has mostly wrapped up, and that I’m excited to share with you all, is the website I’ve been working on with the Ottawa Chapter of the Quilts of Valour Canada organization. This group makes quilts for wounded veterans, and I sewed a quilt top for them early in the summer. I also offered to help them with any computer issues they might have, and they took me up on that when they decided to build their own website separate from the main, Canada-wide one. I think the site looks great (I may be a little biased), and they’ve got all their patterns and a bunch of photos up already. You can check it out at qovottawa.wordpress.com. If you are in the Ottawa area and interested in helping out, get in touch or sign up for the Quilting Bee on November 1st. It should be a blast!

I’ll be back on Monday, hopefully with some actual knitting to share this time!

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