Preemie Hat Roundup

I’m taking this quick break in between presentations to post a short roundup of the preemie hats I have knit in the last two months. In total I have knit 9 hats: three slightly larger with sport-weight yarn (they may fit newborns rather than preemies):

2014-09-26 09.37.14

and 6 smaller ones with sock yarn:

2014-09-26 09.37.52

I think my favourite is still the white and purple striped one. That baby yarn is just so soft! All the hats are based on the Carissa Knits pattern, with some modifications for the sock yarn hats to keep them in proportion with the others. The top red hat in the above photo is based on a free pattern from aknitica, which is run by a fellow Ottawa Knitting Guild member, Amanda Schwabe. I love her patterns, they are very fun.

I still need to weave in all the ends and block the sock yarn hats, which I was hoping to get done by the end of this weekend. That is looking less and less likely, but maybe I’ll pull it off. I may spend most of Sunday sleeping instead. Thankfully, this is the last day of my conference and with any luck I will be able to return to longer blog posts next week.

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