Travel Knitting

I’m writing this post above the clouds over British Columbia, on route from Ottawa to Seattle via Vancouver. I’m heading to an academic conference for the week, with one whole free day to explore the city. My top priority as a knitting tourist in Seattle is to get out to Bainbridge Island and Churchmouse Yarns. They have a lovely website, so I can only assume that the store is as charming!

My biggest concern last night (besides my trepidation over my first academic conference) was ensuring that I had enough knitting to take with me. Travel knitting has to meet particular criteria: it has to be small enough to be portable, but not so small that it will be knit up before the end of the trip. I usually solve the latter problem by bringing multiple projects. At least one of the projects needs to be a plain stockinette or other mindless project that I can do when tired without risking serious errors. Another project needs to be complicated enough to keep me entertained during flights and train rides. I tend to get carsick these days, so the mindless knitting is good for car rides too.

As of last night, I had only two travel-appropriate projects on the go: preemie hats (mindless) and the Caput Helianthus hat (complicated). Together they might be enough for a busy week, but I didn’t want to risk it! After spending far too much time (when I could be sleeping) scrolling through my Ravelry queue, favourites and stash, I finally stuffed a ball of lace weight and 4mm circular needles in my backpack, with the intent of casting on a Citron if necessary. Here is what I finally settled on:

2014-09-11 21.42.01


Please excuse the terrible lighting. It was late at night when I took this photo. You can see there are another small project in there. Since all my projects were so small, I figured it couldn’t hurt to have an extra-extra project. I also brought a quilt applique project. I really have no chance of running out of projects at this point.

The above was written this morning. It is now night time in Seattle, and I made it all the way without knitting once on a flight. I blame the early hour of my departure (I was up at 4am!) and the jet lag. I did manage to work in a few rounds on the preemie hat at dinner, though. 

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