Ladies and Gentlemen, we have YARN

My major achievement this week was that I finished plying all my singles into lovely, two-ply yarn.

2014-09-01 12.13.49

The upper skein is washed and dried, while the lower was wound off the bobbin onto my table (aka a poor woman’s niddy noddy) just moments before this photo was taken. I’m hoping that is the reason for the difference between the skeins.

Here you can really see the difference:

2014-09-01 12.14.00

The upper (washed) skein is fluffier and softer than the lower (unwashed) skein. It is also more thick-and-thin, and slightly under-plyed. I may have under-plyed the whole thing, but at least the yarn seems fairly balanced, not coming apart or twisting in the skein. For now, I think I’m just going to use them as decoration (they are so pretty!) rather than knit them up right away. I just love looking at the little skeins and knowing that I made them myself.

2014-09-01 12.19.22


Once the second skein is dry I’ll have two little skeins to admire. I have no idea the weight or the yardage, and at this point I don’t really care. They perfect just the way they are. At some point I’ll have to figure that part out, but for now they can just exist, in the their imperfect perfection.

This spinning thing could get rather addictive….

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