First Spinning, Now Plying

Oh my. Things are really picking up around here. The new school year is starting (was I the only one startled to realize that this weekend was Labour Day weekend? What happened to August??), and my September-of-much-travel is almost here. So it is not entirely surprising that I have no new knitting to show you. I could have photographed more blue hexipuffs, but at this point it all just looks the same. I did finally finish the blue sock yarn, which is good. Too much of my crafting was in blue this week.

Speaking of which, I managed to construct a lazy kate out of a shoebox and knitting needles this week:

2014-08-25 18.40.192014-08-25 18.40.10
It is the classic shoebox kate, just two knitting needles stuck through the box and bobbins at the appropriate height to keep the bobbins spinning freely. I spaced them out so that I could have a third bobbin, if I wanted to. Maybe someday I’ll spin a three-ply, but today I’m sticking with the two-ply. I managed to ply a whole bobbins worth the other day, and I love the look of the plied yarn.

2014-08-29 18.17.07

It is so much more yarn-like than the singles! It is also so forgiving, making my singles look more even and loosening some of the overspun areas. My plying technique is fairly basic, but so far I’m not finding it as troublesome as I’ve heard others do. This is good, since at this point I’m on a deadline and I have no one to ask for help or time to get it before I have to return the wheel!

Since I only have one spare bobbin, I’m letting the first plied bobbin rest and then I’m going to wind it off into a skein before I ply up the rest of the singles. With any luck, I will have some beautiful yarn to show you next week!

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