Apparently the cure for frustration with a large, worsted weight tank top that REFUSES TO BE DONE is to knit teeny tiny hexipuffs out of scraps of sock yarn. I’ve been obsessively knitting these little guys all weekend, and I don’t see any sign of stopping any time soon. As the Knitmore Girls would say, it is “potato chip” knitting…you can’t knit just one!

2014-08-25 09.58.33


This is good. I started my beekeeper’s quilt back in December 2012, and I have only knitted 30-40 of the little puffed hexagons (commonly called “hexipuffs”) in the intervening two years! Recently I rummaged through my stash and found a whole whack of sock yarn scraps that are not machine washable (and thus not appropriate for preemie hats), so now I have enough yarn to knit hexipuffs for weeks. I’m sure I’ll get sick of them before I get through all the yarn, but for now it is all hexipuffs, all the time around here. Since I need over 100 of the little things to get even a crib-size blanket, I’m going to ride this wave until its spent!

I definitely need simple knitting right now anyway. I did the math and it looks like I will be travelling or away from home for 18 days in September! Small, portable knitting that I can do without thinking will be absolutely necessary, just to keep me sane. The new school year is shaping up to be even busier than the last one! This is both exciting and terrifying….

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