Actual Thursday Spinning

Even though I gave up on my “Thursdays are for Spinning” posts several months ago, I have still been trying to fit in regular spinning whenever possible. My latest spinning has been on an Ashford Traditional wheel that I rented from my local spinning guild (OVWSG, in case anyone is interested). Using a wheel rather than a spindle means that I haven’t been able to take my spinning with me when I travel, but the production output more than makes up for that! The fibre I have been working with lately (dyed Corriedale) was very easy to spin fine, and the spindles I have are quite heavy, so I found spinning it on the wheel much easier. As of yesterday, I had finished spinning up all the fibre into singles!

2014-08-22 11.13.08


I am going to do a 2-ply yarn, mostly because I have only 3 bobbins and all the singles fit nicely on two of them. I’m going to have to rig up some kind of DIY lazy kate, but that shouldn’t be too hard. The only time I’ve ever plied was when I took a class on wheel spinning, so this could get interesting. Still, it is all just practice at this point since I don’t have any specific plans for the yarn. All the plying has to get done in the next week or so because I have to return the wheel in September. This is probably for the best since I’m going to spending a large part of September travelling and wouldn’t be able to spin anyway!

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