2014-08-12 12.33.39


My post yesterday may have been over-confident, as these turned out to be a little more difficult than I had anticipated. First, the peaches were clingstone, not freestone, so they were impossible to easily pit and had to be chopped up instead. Then, I had a gas stove malfunction that involved frantic calls to my Dad and a period where the stove was unplugged. It turns out that, like computers, gas stoves can be “rebooted”. Who knew? Luckily whatever was wrong with it turned out to be unsettling rather than truly dangerous. Still, after all that I managed to put up 10 large litre jars (the slightly smaller jar is a true quart jar, which isn’t quite a litre. It all has to do with Canadian vs. American sizing). And, I managed to finish in time to catch the train to Toronto to visit a friend. I think that counts as a success!

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