Putting up Peaches

My challenge today is to get these:

2014-08-11 09.14.42

Into these:

2014-08-11 09.35.45


And all by 3pm, because I have plans to meet up with a friend in Toronto this evening! I should note that I am visiting my parents at the moment, which is why the kitchen in the background of those photos looks so nice. My kitchen does not look like that. I had originally planned to do my canning in my own apartment, but I had not taken into account the distance between Ottawa and Niagara. It seems that getting Niagara peaches in Ottawa is quite difficult, compared to Burlington (where my parents live). So I hauled all the canning stuff with me when I came to visit this weekend and this morning I am going to putting up peaches!

For those out there who know about canning, I am going to do a hot pack of halved peaches in a light sugar syrup, into quart jars. It is pretty much the easiest kind of canning, since there is little cooking involved and almost no time spent cutting up the fruits (just enough to pit them). I absolutely love canned peaches in my oatmeal in the middle of winter, and this way I know exactly what is in them!

That said, I’d better get going…I’ll post a picture of the finished jars when I get the chance!

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