FO Parade

After what feels like weeks of just posting the pictures of the same shawl of slowly-increasing length, I have a whole pile of finished knitting to show at once! This weekend was rather grey and rained off and on, so it was perfect for cozying up on the couch with various TV and internet videos and doing all the little finishing jobs that were piling up. The grey light also meant I could take decent photos indoors, so all my projects got finished, blocked and photographed in the same weekend. A very cathartic experience. Here then, are the results of my cozy weekend:

20140726_130422The cat dishcloth is done, and so cute. It went right into rotation with my other knit dishcloths. I may need to knit one or two more to keep up the supply, but I’m going to hold off for now. My hands do not get along well with most cotton yarn.



I finished knitting and wove the ends in on two cute little preemie hats I had on the go. I’m going to see how many I can do before my patience (or my stash of fingering superwash and acrylic) runs out. I’ve got another two on the needles right now, and since I don’t have any socks in progress they have become my new purse knitting. I think the striped one is my favourite so far; the stripes made it less convenient to take with me but there is something so darling about narrow stripes on baby things.


Speaking of socks, I spent a couple hours this weekend finishing the cuffs on these. They took more work than was probably necessary since the first sock was cast on too tightly, which meant I had to unpick the cast-on and bind off again. The I bound off the second sock in the same way so they would match. The first sock was knit about two years before the second, and even though they are the same number of stitches the second sock is a wee bit smaller. Still, the colour changes are fantastic and they match up so well that I think I can forgive the slight size differential. I certainly can’t feel it when wearing them.

And finally, the culmination of my weekend of finishing…I blocked the Persian shawl!


No sooner did I start laying this out did the cat come up and try to lie on it. He almost stepped on some pins and was soon banished to the far corner to the room. I had a hard time getting a good picture of the blocked shawl this morning, but this is what I came up with:


Just ignore the computer screen in the background. It is a bit of an old-fashioned shape for me, and I have no idea where I might wear it, but I’m glad I finished it anyway. I’m sure its true purpose will be revealed in time. Plus I never get over the fun of blocking lace, it is just too magical to change the shape of a garment using only a little water and patience. Fantastic.

Listing all this out is actually kind of amazing. Granted some of these were just a few woven ends and a little blocking, but still. Now I understand why I didn’t manage to get any cleaning done this weekend…..

Totally worth it.

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One Response to FO Parade

  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely FOs. I will be trying the cat dishcloth.

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