Ta Da!! The never-ending shawl is finally, FINALLY, all knitted. It isn’t blocked or anything, but the knitting is gloriously, miraculously done. I may have stayed up late last night on the last few rows….and then spent the morning binding off. Totally worth it.

I’ve left the knitting needles in this picture for scale to show just how much the shawl was scrunched up these last few (thousand) rows. It is basically twice the width it has appeared to be until now. You can see it better when it is folded in half:



I’m not sure I like it as much with the border and super-wide the way it is now, but I’m reserving judgement until I get it blocked, whenever that happens! It is possible it will block out a lot more in length than in width, given the stitch pattern. We shall see.

Now that this shawl, which has consumed all of my at-home crafting time for months, is finally knitted up, the long list of other on-going projects is becoming increasingly apparent. A short list includes:

  • two small projects that just need ends woven in and a little blocking
  • a sweater that just needs a sleeve and two cuffs
  • more swatches to knit for the Master Knitter program
  • two sock cuffs to bind-off

And that is just the knitting that needs finishing! There is also my neglected (rented) spinning wheel, and some quilting and embroidery work I want to eventually get to.

My problem may be that I have too many ideas and not enough time.

This is likely every crafter’s problem.

I’m just going to go knit. I’m sure the rest will sort itself out eventually!

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One Response to Predictably

  1. annaleisemarie says:

    This is gorgeous. I don’t generally go in for shawls myself, but I can appreciate the skill in the knitting all the same! I’m currently knitting an aran sweater (first time cabling) and absolutely loving it šŸ™‚

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