After a couple weeks of unseasonably cold weather here in Ottawa (lows of 15C at night, I’m looking at you!), the warmth has returned and it is shaping up to be yet another week in which I regret not getting A/C! In all honesty, I prefer a few extra-hot weeks to a slightly cool summer, we have such long cold winters here that a lackluster summer is particularly tragic. So I’m excited that the heat is returning! And it seems the rest of the city is as well since traffic on the canal (both in the water and along the canal path) has been especially busy lately.


I love it when they open the turn-bridge to let the boats through. The drivers who have to wait ages for the bridge to close again don’t love it as much.

Less exciting is that I really have no new crafty things to post about this week. Once again I spent the weekend either on my computer (working on my Master Knitter written components!) or hanging out with friends. In other words, not crafting! The never-ending shawl predictably has not yet reached an end, despite staying up late two nights in a row. So much for my resolution to enjoy the end of this project and to resist powering through! And the spinning wheel is mocking me from its place near my couch, as every day I waver between spinning and knitting the almost-finished shawl and inevitably the shawl wins.

There is something about summer that just doesn’t encourage crafting. It encourages getting active outside, and doing touristy things in one’s hometown, and theatre under the stars. It makes going out with friends an easy proposition, without the jackets and scarves and deadlines to get in the way. And all that heat makes sitting under a pile of wool mildly (or extremely, depending on the weather) uncomfortable. Clearly my previous posts show that I don’t stop knitting and sewing during the summer, instead the rate just seems to naturally decrease for a little while.

That said, I have to return the spinning wheel in September, and I desperately want to be able to wear my Caeles top while it is still warm, so the crafting must continue! Plan A is to divide the spinning fibre into bumps that I can spin up in one “sitting”, and then put aside the shawl tonight (or tomorrow) and spin away. I also need to make sure that I do the tricky bits of the Caeles pattern at home in the evening so that it is all smooth sailing stockinette during the day. This is the ideal plan. Plan B is that I’m just going to throw everything I’ve got at this shawl and get it done….and then proceed to Plan A. Any bets on which plan I end up following?

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