Endings and Beginnings

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend, full of friends and fun, but with hardly any crafting!  So I don’t have much to show for it, blog-wise. Here are the things that I did, but cannot yet show you:

  1. The cat dishcloth: the knitting is finished but it is unblocked and unfinished and thus unphotographed.
  2. Spinning! I got the wheel set up and spin the littlest bit to show some friends just how it worked, but then I got distracted having fun and haven’t touched it since
  3. I cut the rest of the batik pieces for the Stained Glass quilt…and promptly put them away so the apartment was clean for guests.
  4. Socks. I finished the second sock whose mate I knit two years ago, and even fixed the toe of said mate. I still have to fix the cuffs (too-tight cast-on) before they are truly finished.

And here is what I can show you!

2014-07-02 18.19.25My feet in socks. These socks, just plain vanilla, knit to use up some leftovers from a shawl. The ends are woven in, they are blocked, and I did all kinds of contortions to get them in focus in the photo. Blog yoga: all that stretching has to be good for your back. The socks fit great and feel wonderful since the yarn has some silk content. The colour bleeds like crazy though, I’m going to be washing these solo for ages. Not that I’ll be wearing them any time soon, I’m enjoying the heat but not enough to need to throw wool socks into the mix.

And that is it, pretty much. Things are picking up around here again so I will probably have less crafting time, but it is all super fun stuff and summer travel that I absolutely love so I’m willing to take the trade off. Hopefully that won’t make this space too dull for a while! I’m sure I’ll be able to create (and finish) a few things here and there…enough to keep it interesting, at least.


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