Ta Da!! As predicted, I sewed the final seam on the Quilts of Valour quilt top this weekend. The last few days were tricky as it has gotten really hot here in Ottawa and the evening sun falls precisely on the table with my sewing machine. With no air conditioning or blinds in that room (too expensive), I had to hold off on sewing until the sun had set on more than one occasion!

Despite that, the thing is done, and it is beautiful (if I do say so myself):


Ok, so the photo doesn’t look much different from the last one with the rows all laid out next to each other…but now they are sewed together! Completely different.

True to form, Knightley claimed the quilt top as soon as I laid it out to photograph…



I had to move quickly to keep him from digging his claws in. I sincerely hope that whoever gets this quilt does not have allergies, or that they wash the thing first. I don’t want to wash it before it gets quilted and bound (it will be stronger then) and I did my best to keep the cat hair off…but it is a losing battle.

Just to prove that he likes sitting on knitting as much as quilting, Knightley claimed the socks I had blocking on the table this morning:



Look at that guilty face. He totally knows he is not where he is supposed to be. To be honest, I think the attraction in this case was that the socks were still damp, and he needed to cool down. I’ve put away the sewing machine for now but I’ve got plans to sew him a little sleeping pad similar to those cooling neck wraps with the water-absorbing beads inside. If I sew channels in some cotton, I figure I can fill them with gel, soak the whole thing in water and then cover it in one of his blankets. It will be easier to use than freezing a wet blanket and laying it under a dry one, which is what I did this morning.

Now that the quilt is done, I’ve picked up my Master Hand Knitter swatches again. Yesterday I ripped out a whole swatch because I thought I did the increase wrong. When I went to re-knit it, I discovered I had been doing it correctly all along, and didn’t need to rip out anything. My plan is to knit swatches until I run out of wool, then get as far as I can in the question portion, and only then go buy more wool. I used up all my yarn bank buying a cotton/linen blend for a tank top, so I will have to build it up a bit before I can go shopping again.

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