Focus, and a Nearly Completed Quilt

20140627_103530I found Knightley this morning “guarding” the bathroom. Its possible he really just likes lying on the cool tiled floor, but the look he gave me said “this is my spot now. Don’t even try to move me”. Since he was super cute with his little paws sticking out over the threshold, I let him be.

I seem to go through cycles of “busy-ness”. I will be swamped with work, so I’ll beg off other projects and responsibilities. Then the work/school busy period will end, I’ll get bored, and I start saying yes to every interesting thing that comes my way. I can’t stand to miss out! Then I get swamped again, and stressed, and somehow manage to pull everything off or back out of what I can, and we are back to square one. I’m right in the middle of that now, taking on too many things just because school is light right now. This is especially problematic since school isn’t really “light” on work, it is just entirely self directed. So instead of getting my school stuff done, I’m using all these other commitments (including this blog!) as procrastination. But since I pretty much only commit to things that I love or that provide some benefit…its nearly impossible to drop anything! Completely self-induced stress.

To stave off stressing and to avoid missing the whole summer (my, wouldn’t that be awful), I’ve been trying to practice and improve my self-discipline and focus. If I can stay on track during the day and get important things done as soon as possible, rather than leaving them until the deadline approaches, I really think I’ll be able to enjoy the season more. That is the theory anyway. We’ll see how well it works in practice. I do so love having control of my own schedule, and if I want to be able have that control in a future job I’m going to need to be good at getting work done under my own supervision. So focus and self-discipline are definitely skills I need to develop.

To that end, rather than flit between different craft projects I’ve been trying to stick to one until it is done. Thus my excellent (for me) progress on the Quilt of Valour project! I have completed all the rows, and just need to sew them together to complete the top. Then I will prepare the binding and return the kit to the group for someone else to quilt with a long-arm machine. I won’t inflict my machine quilting skills on them, they are not quite up to snuff.


This is the rows all laid out as they will be in the final quilt. It was almost too big to fit in the photo, even when I stood on the couch! The “rows” actually run vertically in this photo, just because of where I was standing when I took it. I love the pattern, the way it is scrappy but the blocks still look good together. The two-colour sashing/border gives it a good harmony that not all scrappy quilts have. I had a little bit of trouble with the strips that make up the blocks since some of them were not quite wide enough, but I was able to account for that (mostly) in the seam allowance. The real test comes when I put the rows together and see if the seams line up. With any luck, by Monday I’ll be posting a photo of the finished top!


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