Back at It

Well, I’m back in Ottawa now, trying to get everything back where it belongs. Knightley was overjoyed to see me, even more affectionate than usual. I felt a little guilty for leaving…until, that is, he woke me up an hour early this morning for breakfast. I don’t feel so guilty any more!

Since I have been separated from my sewing machine for a week, there is only a little progress to report on the quilting front. I did manage to sally forth and purchase some more fat quarters for my stained glass quilt. The colours are all over the map, but hopefully the black fabric between each piece will provide enough visual separation to balance that out.

2014-06-16 14.38.07I also found time last week to applique three pieces on to another block for the applique quilt. As I mentioned last week, I’m finding the embroidery hoop much easier to use than the frame, and the project is much more portable as well. I did the applique tucked up in bed watching a little TV, which would have been next to impossible with the frame! Of course, the frame produces a slightly less wrinkly photo…

2014-06-16 14.45.51


Tonight is the last Ottawa Knitting Guild meeting of the year. I’m going to have to pay close attention since I sort of volunteered to be the Newsletter person for next year…and I won’t be writing that Newsletter until August! My predecessor has done a fantastic job, so I will have to work hard to meet the standard she has set next year.

It is possible I have taken on too much for next year already, what with the thesis to complete and all. I do love a challenge…but then I also love sleep! One day (one step) at a time, and it should all be fine. At least, that’s the theory…


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