Random Friday

10 Random Things on a Friday (because I can):

10. I spent yesterday working at a polling station for the provincial elections. It was lots of fun (and occasionally tedious, it was a 13 hour shift) to see democracy in action. I was disappointed when some people, confronted with the information that they would have to drive 5 minutes to go vote at the correct poll, promptly gave up and went home. On the flip side, there were many new citizens and 18 year olds voting for the first time, which was lovely.

9. 13 hours is a long time to sit in one chair.

8. Surprisingly, I didn’t get a whole lot of knitting done yesterday. I did finally get past the heel flap on my sock, and did all the gusset decreases.

7. I also started the applique on my new quilt block, using the embroidery hoop I found a few weeks ago. The hoop is much easier to use than the frame, and infinitely more portable. Photos to come next week.

6. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has started training for the bike rally she has done for several years now. She and many others bike from Toronto to Montreal over 6 days to raise money for the People with AIDS organization. Pop over for a look if you feel like donating!

5. Compared to her epic rides, my attempts at finishing a 5K look rather pathetic. I resolve to do better!

4. I tried running this morning before breakfast….and got so dizzy I had to stop 3/4 of the way through. I did manage to run three times this week though! So that is a start.

3. The weather has been very unsettled here, with some impressive thunderstorms alternating with beautiful sunny skies. I am working outside every moment that I can. My parents have very comfortable deck furniture.

2. One of my papers (a group effort) got accepted to a conference in Toronto this fall!  It is very exciting, and also terrifying since we will have to present our study and findings. And possibly also our prototype….if we can get it to work. That is a big if.

1. My semi-vacation is almost over, and I’ll be back in Ottawa next week. Back to my cat, and my thesis research. This week visiting has been busy but totally worth it. Hopefully after this little recharge break I can dive back in and kick some thesis butt!

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