FO Friday and a Procrastination Trick

I am just burning through my projects this week!  Not only did I kickstart two knitting projects that have been hibernating for over 2 YEARS (that is 2/3 of my knitting life right there), I also finished the Leyburn socks:

2014-05-28 10.24.36 2014-05-28 10.24.47 Sock selfies = more blogging yoga. Not the easiest pose in the world to accomplish all by myself, but I managed.

This new-found productivity in my creative, crafty life was sparked by a period of extreme procrastination at work/school (what am I supposed to call grad student work for which I only sort of get paid?). Luckily, however, I managed to pull myself together by the end of the week and got all the work stuff done too. I borrowed a trick I heard from another grad student: always write first. Basically it entails getting up in the morning and doing your writing tasks before showering or going to campus or anything. I didn’t take it to the extreme (I ate breakfast first) and actually had a couple nice slow mornings. I did stay true to the spirit of the rule, though, and it meant I got my main task for the day done by 11 or 12 and then I could head off to campus (for less crucial work and a bit of socializing) or run errands or whatever and not be stressing about that one task. It was fantastic, and I’m planning on using it whenever I have writing or anything else to do where I’m likely to procrastinate. Write first. My new motto.

Of course, I could write this blog first thing, but I enjoy doing that so the only reason it falls to the end of the day is distraction, not procrastination! I feel like getting rid of my “Thursdays are for…” section means I don’t post about quilting or spinning much, and I’m not documenting what I am doing! It’s too late for pictures today, and anyway I haven’t been doing all that much lately. Got distracted by the knitting! I have worked a bit on my stained glass quilt, and I made a block for the local Quilts of Valour chapter, so more on that next week. I also FINALLY found a store that sold embroidery hoops (Yarn Forward on Bank Street), so I picked one up last weekend and plan to start the next applique block soon. I won’t have A/C this summer so I need to start planning projects that can be done in the heat and humidity to come.

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