Yarn Along

Every Wednesday I participate in “Yarn Along”, a link-up run by Ginny over at Small Things where we share what we are knitting and reading this week. Head over to the Small Things blog to see what other bloggers are sharing!



All that decluttering and burning through my to-do list has become somewhat addictive! I keep checking the list to see what else I can get done that has been sitting there, undone, for ages. One such item was to re-evaluate this knitting project (Persian Walk with Faroes from Knitting Traditions magazine) from Christmas 2012. It is a lace shawl (thus the unsightly, pre-blocked appearance) and I’d knit the first 6 inches and then gotten fed up with the border lace motif and stuffed in my closet. It moved with me from Burlington to Ottawa and stayed hidden away, becoming much worse in my mind than in reality! When I finally pulled it out of the closet I discovered that I do like the colour (although I’d like it better if it was richer), and the pattern is not as difficult as I remembered, possibly since my lace skills have improved in the last couple of years. It was perfect timing, as I was just wishing for a lace project to work on without going through the bother of searching for the perfect pattern and doing all the set-up work. So I am very happy that I finally dug this out of storage. Hopefully this good result will motivate me to get through a few more aging tasks on my to-do list. My overall goal is to get things done in a 2 month window, because otherwise projects stagnate and then I start to dislike them…and the stuff on my lists are supposed to be fun, or at least necessary!

I picked up The Homemade Pantry from the library, and I am loving it! I love the idea of making food we normally buy prepared, sometimes to save money and sometimes just to know what is in the food. Most of the recipes (except maybe the dairy ones) don’t require much unusual equipment. I don’t have a blender or a food processor though, which many of the recipes call for. I’m tempted to buy this book and see how many of the recipes I can add to my routine. It could end up being a lot of work for just one person, but if I can scale down some of the recipes then it might just be worth it!

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4 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. emma says:

    Your lace work is lovely – I like that the border and the main piece are different, great color. I’m using chunky yarn at the moment and I find myself craving something light and lacy.
    That is a fantastic book – I use my all the time and have tried many of the recipes – love the corn bread – haven’t tried any of the cheese making yet.

  2. I have that happen too – think that something I haven’t looked at in ages is terribly hard and I’ll never be able to do it, then pull it out and it’s not that bad at all 🙂 Your lace looks lovely! And that book’s been on my to-read list too – I agree, being able to make things at home so we know just what’s in them is so good.

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh darn, I just glanced at that one on the library shelf THIS afternoon and decided not to haul it home with all the other books because I wasn’t sure I have time to make even more from scratch than I already do! haha! Now I’m wishing I had grabbed it but I bet it will be there next time, as our little library seems to get mostly used for the computers these days…
    What a lovely lace shawl!

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