So Many Tulips

I hope you all had a wonderful spring weekend, and a fun-filled long weekend if you happen to be in Canada.  Mine was fantastic, full of stunning tulips and wanderings about the city with my Mom. The weather was a little cooler than we would have liked, but we only got rained on once and we were able to take shelter until it passed by. Of course, today it is sunny and a full 10 degrees warmer, but Victoria Day weekend weather is notoriously fickle. It would have been a wee bit chilly for anyone out camping!

Not a lot of knitting or sewing got done, so I’m going to share a selection of photos from the weekend instead. The Festival organizers did a fantastic job with the tulip beds, and it seemed like half the city turned out to see them!

20140517_162839 20140517_163128

The beds in Commissioner’s Park were the biggest and most elaborate, with different heights and colours of tulips blending together to beautiful effect. We spent a whole afternoon just exploring all the Park had to offer!


There were also painted wooden tulips, very creative and ranging far beyond the flower theme. There was even a Will & Kate Wedding tulip!


We biked from Commissioner’s Park to downtown Ottawa along the canal path, stopping now and then to admire the tulips planted in small parks along the way…


We ended up at Parliament, where Mom took pictures of people taking pictures…


And finished off the afternoon across the water in Gatineau, near the Canadian History Museum (aka the Museum of Civilization).


I even managed to find some Canadian-grown tulips at a local market to bring home and brighten my apartment! Unfortunately my cat decided that tulip leaves make a tasty snack, so these are safely up on the kitchen counter out of reach (I hope).

And that was my weekend! Full of sunshine (plus a few rain showers), bright tulips, and lots of quality mother-daughter time. Of course, it went by too fast, but they always do.  I’m very impressed with the Tulip Festival; it was quite a spectacle, all free, and a very enjoyable way to spend a weekend outdoors.

On a more crafty note, I spent Saturday morning (before Mom arrived) at the Sheep Shearing Festival at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. I was helping to man the Ottawa Knitting Guild‘s booth, and we had tons of fun advertising for the guild and teaching many children to knit their first stitch. I didn’t get to see much of the Festival, but it looked like a fun time for the many, many families checking it out!

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