FOs and a Change of Pace

First, a small administrative note: I’ve decided to switch to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule. I seem to be getting about three posts done a week anyway, so at least this way I won’t feel guilty for not posting every day. Of course, that kind of makes it hard to do any “Thursdays Are For…” posts, so I’m putting those aside for now. I really enjoy sharing my non-knitting projects, so I will post them on Monday or Friday, depending on when I get them done. I just won’t have a dedicated day for quilting etc.

I haven’t actually done much sewing this week, especially since I’ve been tidying all my craft work away in anticipation of my Mom coming to visit this weekend. We are going to check out Ottawa’s Tulip Festival together, it should be tons of fun. She is much better at taking photos than I am, but I will try to take a couple to share here next week. Monday is Victoria Day, a holiday and thus a long weekend here in Canada, so we should have lots of time to admire all the pretty flowers.

Despite all the cleaning and tidying and grocery shopping, I did manage to finish a couple of knitting projects recently. First, I finished Wingspan, a cleverly-constructed shawl made of several offset short row triangles. It ends up in a crescent shape that stays nicely on the shoulders, a rare trait among shawls. It was a great knit, perfect when I needed semi-mindless knitting. I also loved seeing how the colours came out in each triangle. It is definitely a pattern that shows off long colour repeats in yarn, so choose carefully if you decide to take it on!

2014-05-15 09.37.59 2014-05-15 09.39.37

It is very difficult to take a picture of oneself wearing a shawl, with a camera phone, without blocking the shawl or getting a blurry picture. I believe there is an art to it, involving a mirror and the ability to look down while keep one’s head tilted up simultaneously. Basically it’s blogging yoga.

I also finished the cowl I posted about in my last Yarn Along, and blocked it and everything so it was all pretty when I took to the guild meeting on Monday:

2014-05-15 09.41.52

More blogging yoga. This cowl is going to be super warm.

And that is the sum total of my completed knitting in the last couple of weeks. With any luck those Leyburn socks will come off the needles soon as well. I seem to cast everything on at once and then it all finishes up about the same time and I’m left scrambling to decide what to knit next. I think it’s time to root around in my stash and see what wants to be knit next.

Hang on a second.

I just realized I never posted about finishing that never-ending quilt block. After last Thursday’s post I was so inspired I just churned through the remaining seven pieces (it took several hours) until it was finally(!) done.

2014-05-10 15.52.47

I love it. It is bright and cheerful and the yellow works so much better than I thought it did while I was sewing it on. I now have a grand total of 2 blocks (out of over 40) done for this quilt. My biggest obstacle now is finding an embroidery hoop before I tackle the next applique block – that stand was just not ergonomic at all!

Ok, I think that is everything I finished last week. I don’t ever want to count up all the hours spent on crafts, it would just be terrifying. Plus, I get too much enjoyment out of it to ever stop, so why ruin the fun now?

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  1. Blogging yoga-I love it!

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