Coldsheep Update

I meant to write this post early in the week but with settling in to a new routine (a much more balanced one, which is lovely), I haven’t had a chance until now.  Thanks probably in large part to my busy schedule in the first third of 2014, I didn’t really have much time to shop for yarn! My ‘knit-up’ numbers were also not spectacular, but overall I managed to decrease my numbers quite a bit. In fact, I’m at an all-time low! It’s very exciting.

So far this year January has been the only month with 0 yards “acquired”, since I frogged a few things and found some undocumented yarn in February and April. I did buy a little yarn in March, for the Aviatrix baby hat I finished already (so cute and sooooo worth it) and for the Master Knitter swatches that I’ve been cranking out.

All told, my current stash is 15,793 yards, the lowest since I started keeping track. My yarn bank is also a solid 656 yards, so there may be a little bit of shopping in my near future. The yarn bank concept (of only buying 1 yard for every 3 yards I knit) has worked really well for me, much better than completely giving up on buying yarn ever. I’m also pleased that my yarn stash is getting closer to completely fitting in the bins I have designated for it. That is the most satisfying part, honestly.

Here is my updated graph with the first few months of 2014 added in:



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One Response to Coldsheep Update

  1. trkingmomoe says:

    I am doing the same thing with fabric. I have been using more from my stash then buying it.

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