Thursdays are for Quilting

Every Thursday I post about a non-knitting project I have been working on this week.  It could be quilting, embroidery, spinning, or whatever new craft has struck my fancy!

I’m discovering that I seem to quilt and sew in bursts, rather than a little bit at a time. Last night I sat down to do a little hand-applique on the still-in-progress quilt block, and ended up spending over 3 hours on it! My setup is not very ergonomic, so I’m going to try a different method of keeping my base fabric taut. I think the stand I’ve been using is more appropriate for embroidery than applique, since the applique seems to require turning the block and sewing at funny angles, neither of which works well with the stand. For the next block I think I’m going to switch back to a small embroidery hoop instead.

Here is my progress so far:


The yellow flower centres are a little brighter than I was expecting, but hopefully the effect will be subdued in a larger quilt with the same fabric in other blocks. I absolutely love the green and purple together though. Only 7 more pieces and I will finally(!) be done with this block and ready to move on to…..another applique block. Maybe I should dig out the pattern and get one of the pieced blocks done just to feel like I’m making some kind of progress…..

On the plus side, all this sewing is a lot easier now that the sun is staying up well past dinner time. I love summer daylight hours, in fact I would keep DST (or Summer Time if you are British) year round if I could. But then, I would never get up before 7 if I could help it, so the later light suits my schedule much better!

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One Response to Thursdays are for Quilting

  1. trkingmomoe says:

    That is a nice block. I like the colors.

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