Thursdays are for …wait, what day is it?

Every Thursday I post about a non-knitting project I have been working on this week.  It could be quilting, embroidery, spinning, or whatever new craft has struck my fancy!

Today is not Thursday. It is, in fact, Friday. The day after Thursday. Somehow this fact escaped me until Thursday was over and no blog post had gone up. Whoops!

I did not, in fact, do any quilting yesterday, however I did do some sewing. The curtains in my bedroom are just standard panels from Ikea, and when I first hung them up they were so long they actually dragged on the floor, and covered up the baseboard heating. Not good.  Since I know how to operate a sewing machine, I figured I could hem them….back in September. What followed was a good solid 8 months of procrastination and avoidance. Admittedly, the lighting in that room was so bad that it pretty much had to be done in the daytime, which we were a little short on this winter, but still. 8 whole months.

Anyway, yesterday I got fed up and decided that I was finally going to get it done. I’d pinned the curtains to the correct length ages ago, and marked fold and trim lines. All I needed to do was trim the excess, fold under, iron and sew. It took me a couple of hours (it was quite a bit of fabric), but I did it!



(By the time I finished the sun had set…so this photo is a little dark)

It was one of those projects that lingered forever and nagged at me every time I came in my bedroom. Now it is a reminder that I can do home sewing projects if I try, which is a much nicer thought.

By the way, I mostly followed the tutorial over at charm stitch, which was very helpful with lots of pictures. I did a smaller hem, only 1 inch instead of 3, but it matched the side seams of these curtains better. The fabric was also quite slippery, so my seams aren’t exactly straight, but you can’t see them anyway so it doesn’t matter! I’m just glad I decided not to do curtains in the main room, that would have been twice as much sewing.

I’m so happy to have this done and off the list! On to the next thing….

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