Goals for 2014 – April Update

Its just about the end of the month, so that means it is time for a review of my goals for the first four moths of 2014. It is a bit of a mixed bag, honestly. I seem to do a lot better with short goals for single months than these longer four-month ones. The best goals for me seem to be the ones where I build a habit that I can continue once the month is over..if I’m successful at building the habit that is! Hopefully with the weather warming up and my workload winding down, I’ll be able to build some habits this summer than I can maintain in the busier seasons.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Exercise: My original goal was to get back to being able to run for 5K by the end of this month. That did not happen.  I can run for about 20 minutes now, but it is a very slow run and only gets me to just over 2K. This is my biggest goal for the summer: build a three-times-a-week running habit. Since I won’t be able to run the 5K race I was originally aiming for, I’m going to find another one in a month or so that will keep me motivated and building this habit. I’m also hoping to create more of a settled routine this summer so that should help as well.
  • Healthy Eating: My biggest issue these days is variety: I get bored with the same old lunches, so I stop making them and eat cafeteria food instead. I also prefer to cook in big batches on the weekends and then eat leftovers all week, which I haven’t been able to do much lately. I’m not going to make any formal goals in this category, I’m just going to experiment a little more with my cooking and see where I get.
  • Sleep: A perennial issue. Every goal I set, whether it is getting a certain number of hours of sleep or trying to get to bed at a reasonable time, it always fails. I’m going to go back to setting an alarm at 10:30pm to remind myself to start thinking about sleep, because that actually did work for a little while. Perhaps a school night goal of an 11:00pm bed time will work out this month? I’m going to try it again and see. Nothing to lose, after all!
  • Knitting: The coldsheeping has become more of a habit these days, which is excellent. I did end up buying a little bit of yarn, but it was for very specific purposes and is almost all knit up already. I’m going to stick with my 1-in-3-out yarn bank, but I don’t think this needs to be a specific goal anymore
  • Crafting: Again, I’ve built up enough of a habit with the Thursday blog posts that I don’t think this needs a specific goal. I’m going to keep doing the blog posts, and that should be enough.
  • Declutter: That cursed book pile is only getting bigger. I didn’t make my goal of getting through a third of it (not even close), but in recent weeks I’ve made more progress. I’m just going to keep chipping away at it. I’ve got a few other declutter-type tasks in the pipeline that should help as well. My goal for this ‘term’ is going to be to read one ‘to-read’ book every two weeks. That should be feasible with my reading habits, and it should put a good dent in the pile.

Since I’m taking two categories out of the monthly goal updates, I’m hoping I will be able to focus more on the goals that are left. I’m also going to spend this month thinking a bit more about other goals that I might like to tackle. I’ve been considering cutting back on my TV-watching, and there are few other areas I’d like to work on as well. So we’ll see what I come up with next month!

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