Finally Finished

Finished thing the First: the two paper-pieced placemats that I started ages ago in a class. I sewed the last binding down this weekend, and I love them.

2014-04-28 14.50.38

They don’t exactly match the colours in my apartment any more, but I don’t care. They are bright and beautiful and gloriously finished. I’m making a big effort to get through all my languishing projects (or give up on them entirely) so that they don’t sit there making me feel guilty. No more guilt in crafting, that is my new motto.

Finished thing the Second: a 10 page,  10 000 word paper than I wrote in two days because I kept putting it off until I couldn’t any more. My hands are a little sore from so much typing, but at least that is another project that won’t be hanging over my head any longer!

Almost Finished: the Winter term at school. Most of my classmates and the undergrads are already done, but I have one final paper due Wednesday. Of course, a few days later it will be time to start the Summer term, but that is looking much less intense than the last few months. The Winter term had its moments, but I am definitely ready for an easier Spring and Summer. Bring on the warmth!

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One Response to Finally Finished

  1. trkingmomoe says:

    Those are nice. I like the fabrics together. You can use them anytime. Thanks for sharing.

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