This space has been quiet for a bit, which is not entirely unusual.  This time, instead of reflecting a period of extreme busy-ness, it is the result of the exact opposite: a period of quiet.  I spent the long weekend visiting my family for Easter weekend even though we didn’t actually celebrate Easter in any way (my brother is still mid-exams, so we postponed our larger family gathering).  Instead, the past few days have been about just spending time with my parents and sister, getting a few necessary spring-type tasks done, and recharging a bit.  I still have papers due, so I haven’t been able to disconnect entirely, but it has been enough.

Spring is certainly further along in the Toronto area than it is in Ottawa.  My parents have a large pool that is still closed for the winter, and apparently the water that collected on the pool cover over the winter is a good semblance of pond water.  Good enough, anyway, for a pair of ducks to frolic about there for an hour on Monday:

2014-04-21 12.59.09

A certain sign of Spring.  Also a sign of the crappy zoom on my phone 😀

I’m glad to have this period of calm as we switch over from one season to another, and from one term to another.  It certainly has been a whirlwind “first third” of 2014, and I’m hoping to take the last week and a bit left in April to finish up the last few bits and bobs from Winter term, re-evaluate, and plan for Summer.  I’m also considering a new blogging schedule that more accurately reflects my habits.  More on that later in the week.

Something about the season (and a couple podcasts I’ve been listening too) has also prompted me to pick up my Master Knitter work again.  I’ve finally started swatching, so I’ll be posting those pictures for Yarn Along tomorrow.

I hope your Easter weekend (if you celebrate, or even just get the weekend off) was an enjoyable one too.

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