Thursdays are for Quilting

Every Thursday I post about a non-knitting project I have been working on this week.  It could be quilting, embroidery, spinning, or whatever new craft has struck my fancy!

More cutting.  Nothing but cutting.  I will be cutting up black fabrics for the rest of my days.


2014-04-17 14.30.13

That is the sum total of my production this week.  I’ve just been cutting strips and so I don’t actually have an updated piece count yet; I’ll have to trim them to the correct length next week.  I have two sizes of pieces left to cut, and once those are done I’ll finally be able to move on to cutting coloured fabric. Oh joy.

I have great hopes of seeking out a suitable batik for binding my placemats this weekend, so maybe I’ll actually get to sew something next week as a little breather from all this cutting.  One can only hope.

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