Baby Stuff!

Ever since I started knitting (or at least since I joined Ravelry), I have been queueing baby things.  Little booties, darling hats, heirloom blankets, they all get “favorited” and tucked away against the day that I finally have a baby to knit for.

(I did actually knit a couple baby things when I was learning because small things are good to practise on, but I got tired of the funny looks and joking questions.  You know, the “is there something you want to tell us?” questions.  Its only funny the first 10 times…)

But, since I’m the oldest of my cousins and not likely to be making babies myself any time soon, well, it looked like all those cute baby things were just going to have to wait.  So I cast on hats and mittens and shawls (so. many. shawls.) and other beautiful things instead.

Until last month.

One of the professors in my department is pregnant and due this summer, and one day last month my friend turned to me and said “we should get her some baby things as an end-of-term present”.  Suddenly all the world of baby knitting was open to me at last!  I managed to restrain myself to two items thanks to a fairly tight time deadline and a decided lack of budget.  Here is what I came up with:

2014-04-03 08.22.54

These are Saartje’s Booties, and they are super cute in person.  My experience is that most women will coo over them immediately, regardless of current or past inclination towards children.   Mine came out a little small but they were too adorable to rip out.   Be sure to check out the projects on Ravelry, there are others out there even more adorable, especially the two-colour ones.  They used up the tiniest bit of stash sock yarn and I had a fun time hunting for four perfect little buttons to match.

2014-04-03 08.23.55

This is the Aviatrix hat, a cunningly-constructed hat that is knit all in short rows.  I’m still not entirely convinced I made the chin strap long enough, but otherwise the pattern is easy to read and execute, if a bit mind-bending.  I used a beautiful bamboo/wool blend that has a lovely drape and shine, and I picked a strong colour because I love bright colours on babies!  None of these pastels, give me a baby in a teal hat or a steel grey grandpa sweater any day.  The one issue I had is that the short row wraps are harder to hide in the bamboo yarn than they would be in pure wool, but I’m sure I’m the only one that notices that!  Again I was able to find the perfect steam-punk-esque button to top it all off.

The knits were given away along with others purchased by my classmates on the last day of class, and my professor loved them.  Hopefully she will send me pictures of the baby wearing them at some point (I knit the hat large since the baby will probably be 6 months old before she needs a hat!).  I’m becoming more and more of a process knitter, though, so at this point I’m just glad to have finally had the chance to knit cute baby things!  Not that it made a dent in my queue 😉

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  1. They are both gorgeous.

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