Thursdays are for Quilting

Every Thursday I post about a non-knitting project I have been working on this week.  It could be quilting, embroidery, spinning, or whatever new craft has struck my fancy!

Machine quilting my placemats got me all fired up about sewing again, so once I realized I didn’t have enough fabric to bind the placemats I immediately tossed them aside in favour of another quilt.  There are 5 yards of plain black Kona cotton and many batik fat quarters in my stash that are destined to become a Turning Twenty “Stained Glass” quilt.  Unfortunately when I chose that pattern it didn’t occur to me that it is a mostly “production” pattern, very repetitive and all straight seams.  That is so not my kind of quilting, but I really love the end product so I’m going to power through the boring parts.

This is what the end result *should* look like.  This is what I have so far:


It doesn’t look like a lot, but that is HOURS of work right there.  I squared up the black fabric last fall but got intimidated by the number of strips I had to cut (basically almost the whole 5 yards gets cut into 1.5″ strips, which then get further subdivided), and put it away for months.  Now it is back out on my dining table and I’m more than halfway through all the cutting!  I hope to cut all the strips in the next few weeks, and then bring the fat quarters than I have out and cut those up too.  I only have about 8 of the 20 fat quarters I need so I’m going to have to pick up a few more at some point, maybe when I get the fabric I need for binding the placemats.  I don’t really have room to have both a sewing station and a cutting station set up at the same time so it is going to be all cutting, all the time until I get it done.

Pro tip: those binder clips work great for keeping the strips of the same length together when there are so many of them.  I may have to iron out some creases before sewing but at least they are all together and sorted.

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