Back At It

After a lovely, productive weekend I am back at the grindstone for one last week of high-intensity work.  At least, I hope it is the last week.  I spent two 10-hour days on campus yesterday and today, which leaves little time for blogging.

2014-03-31 21.22.29

I did manage to get a set of placemats finally!! quilted over the weekend.  I don’t know what I was worried about, it went incredibly smoothly.  Unfortunately the original pattern called for an envelope binding rather than the double-fold binding I decided to do, so I find myself without enough fabric to make the binding.  The placemats will just have to exist in their un-bound state until I can make the trek out to Bell’s Corners and the nearest quilting store.  Aren’t they colourful?  Such a nice change from the greys and browns outside.

I did some more quilt-related fun stuff this weekend, but you’ll have to wait until I’ve had a chance to take more pictures to see the results!

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