And Breathe

This weekend is the eye of the storm in my end-of-term whirlwind of papers to write and presentations to prepare for.  Last week was a series of very intense, up-to-the-last-minute work sessions, and next week is chock full of user studies, but for now I am taking the weekend OFF.  Bare minimum of school-related concerns, administrative tasks only.  Instead, I’m filling these two wonderful days with cleaning, home maintenance, crafting and errands.  Today it was just me and the cat, all day long, and it was wonderful.  I have clean dishes again!  It is a magical thing.

Thursday…well, there wasn’t time to even find a “bright moment” on Thursday.  It was a laser focus kind of day.  Yesterday I did manage to look up long enough to find a moment to appreciate, although I didn’t manage to post it!  And it isn’t exactly bright, in the literal sense:

2014-03-28 18.21.25

That’s right, my “bright moment” of the day was….rain.  I was so wonderfully unprepared for precipitation that was not frozen, that I had no umbrella of any kind and got completely soaked walking home yesterday.  But that didn’t touch my good mood, because at this point, rain is just about the best thing in the world.  Rain means spring, and melting, and warmth and green.  This proper rain, not even close to freezing, with the forecast full of above-freezing temperatures, means winter might finally actually be coming to and end.

And, honestly?  I had started to wonder if it would ever end.

I’m just going to lose it when I see the first green, growing thing.  You wait and see.

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