I really wanted to post today, so I am squeezing a little writing in when I probably (definitely) should be sleeping.  We are nearing the end of term now and the busy-ness level, which I thought was at the max, keeps creeping higher and higher.  I still can manage to have a tiny bit of a life; my sister visited last weekend and we went to see the new Veronica Mars movie (it was AWESOME).  I was a big fan of the show when it was on and I’ve been following the movie development since the Kickstarter campaign last year, so it was a very exciting day when we finally got to see it.  Of course the movie wasn’t perfect, but it was fun to see all the familiar characters in a new story.

Other than that highlight, however, my days are full to the brim of schoolwork.  I anticipate the work level will reach a fever pitch next week, stay that high for two, maybe three weeks, and finally start to die down by Easter.  It is frustrating because I want to enjoy this term, and to some extent I am (some parts have been a blast), but a lot of time I feel like I’m running a marathon and I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other or it will all fall apart.  And then I’ll sleep for a week.  Still, I’m discovering new depths in my ability to get stuff done on a tight deadline then I ever thought possible, so there is an up side!

This whirlwind of brainwork that I’m living in is effecting my knitting habits.  Basically I’ve just stopped finishing things.  I have a couple projects that have a bit of a deadline, but other than those every time I hit a snag in a project I drop it and pick up something easier.  Or I cast on something easier if there is nothing at hand.  My WIP-list has expanded dramatically!  All my self-discipline is focussed on getting my school work done, and there is none leftover for knitting.  I’m just rolling with it for now, and hopefully in a month or so I’ll be able to repair the damage.

For some perspective, here is a list of my current WIPs:

  • The re-knit raglan sweater (working on the first sleeve) I’ve posted about before
  • Cowl that needs a beaded cast off (just the cast off!  This is going to have to wait awhile, beads take brain power)
  • A sock (the second one) that needs ripping back and restarting
  • My Fichu, which is what I pick up when the other projects get difficult
  • The Leyburn socks (first one done, second one needs casting-on)
  • A new pair of vanilla socks I just cast on (I can’t read and knit on Leyburn at the same time, so I “needed” another pair on the go)
  • Two secret projects for gifts, both tiny, both so cute, and both just in need of some (serious) finishing

This, of course, is not counting the projects that have been hiding in my closet for awhile.  In my current state, casting on a sock toe requires concentration; the beaded cast-off doesn’t even have a chance.  This is such a contrast to the finishing kick I was on in December….hopefully the end of another term brings that kick back and I’ll be back to normal by May.  That’s what I’m relying on, anyway!

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