Goals for 2014 – March Update

So, it took me most of February to come up with adapted goals for February, which doesn’t really work.  Clearly I won’t be able to manage a formal goal review every month. Especially not if I stick with so many goals!  I did manage to review the data from tracking my sleep schedule in January. I averaged 7.7 hours of sleep [Edited to add: I recalculated the numbers, and I actually slept an average of 8.1 hours, with more than half of the nights less than 8 hours], with as little as 6 hours and as much as 10 hours.  The real problem seems to be how much it varies, with stretches of 6-7 hours followed by binges of 9-10 hours to make up for it.  I know from past experience that I need minimum 8 hours sleep to function.  It seems like a lot but without it I get moody and lose most of my self control!  One thing about this tracking that surprised me was how late I go to sleep, with most nights being past midnight at least.  When I’m trying to get 8 hours of sleep that pushes my morning later than I’m comfortable with.  Sleep (as you can probably tell) is going to be a big goal for the next couple of months.

With that, let’s review my progress in February:

  • Exercise: run a 5K by May 1 – I skated the length of the Rideau Canal twice (in one day) at the beginning of February when my family was visiting, and I hope to do that once more before the ice melts.  Other than that, I went skating once for an hour on my own, and went for a run once in the whole month.  Not a good month for exercise.  This month isn’t shaping up to be much better but I’m going to keep trying!
  • Healthy Eating: I have been feeling much better about my food intake these days, especially compared to the downward spiral I was on last term.  I’m going to leave this off the formal goals for now and just try to stay mindful so I don’t fall back on bad habits.
  • Sleep: asleep by 11pm five nights a week (March only) – This is a new goal for this category. I’ve set an alarm for my phone at 10:30 to remind me to head towards bed.  This actually means I’ll probably get to sleep at 11:30 instead of 11pm but that would still be an hour earlier than my usual.  I’m saying five nights a week but I’m going to try it for most nights, unless I’m out with friends.
  • Spinning: Thursdays are for spinning – There was no spinning in February. I definitely don’t have the patience for spinning right now, so I’m switching to a Thursdays are for crafting scheme: I will work on any in-progress craft project that is not knitting (because I do that all the time).  This will probably end up being sewing of some kind.
  • Knitting: Coldsheep all month – An actual successful goal! I did not buy yarn all month, although my stash numbers did go up because of some yarn I frogged and some that I had but somehow wasn’t in the database.  I have been building up my yarn bank (one yard in for every three yards out) and I have one planned exception this month for a time-sensitive baby project.  Otherwise, no buying for another month.
  • Declutter: Read 1/3 of the book pile by May 1 – One book and three magazines from the pile read since January.  I did finally get through the giant library pile so I am back to reading from my “to-read” pile.  I feel like I am on track with this goal.

Overall I am down to five goals instead of six until the end of April.  My chronic issues, sleep and exercise, are still not going well, but then I suppose it would be silly to expect immediate change just because I wrote my goals down!  I have high hopes for the future.

February flew by far too quickly, and it is already a week into March.  While I am looking forward to spring (whenever it chooses to arrive, so far I haven’t seen much of a difference!), I’m trying very hard to focus on enjoying the moment.  I spend far too much time thinking about next week, next visit home, next season, and sometimes I miss out on what is happening now.  I’m going to try and keep that in mind this month, as a sort of overarching theme.

PS Don’t forget, Daylight Savings Time starts again this weekend!  I don’t like moving the clocks forward (feels like losing an hour), but I do like lighter evenings, so it all balances out.

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