Thursdays are for Quilting

I knew today was going to jam-packed (unlike my usual Thursdays), so I spent some time last night at the embroidery frame to my “Thursday quilting” done early!


My progress is slow, although my technique with turning under the curves has evolved to a point where I am much happier with the result.  I roll the end under with my fingers and then pin it down rather than trying to hold it while sewing, it gives a much nicer curve and it is easier to do than trying to turn so much fabric under with my needle.  It isn’t strictly the “correct” technique but it has been working for me so far.

All the flowers have three of five petals sewn down now.  Once those are done I just have to do the five centers and this block will be done!  I already have the pieces cut out for another block, although I’m not sure where I stashed them.  I’m glad to finally be making progress on this quilt, it has been sitting in the corner unloved for so long!

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