Yarn Along


My progress on the Castle re-knit continues apace.  I’m deep in slog-land now, just churning out the lace repeats until it is long enough to start the garter stitch edge.  I will probably have more than a skein of yarn leftover, so I’m contemplating making the sleeves elbow-length instead of leaving them as capped sleeves.  I’ve never done a sweater with sleeves before, so I don’t know whether I should be decreasing from the cap or if the decreases are only for full-length sleeves.  There is some research in my future!  Hopefully I don’t just shove the unfinished sweater in a drawer somewhere instead.

I’m still reading Still Procrastinating, although I’m not sure I’m going to finish it.  Despite the recommendation on Unclutterer.com (which is what led me to the book), it is not well written.  The narrative wanders about quite a bit, and the style is off-putting.  The author spends a lot of time telling procrastinators (he assumes only procrastinators would read his book) what they need to change in their lives and doesn’t deal with how to make those changes.  He also peppers it with references to his own research and others, but doesn’t go very in depth.  It is a cross between an academic review and a self-help book and doesn’t do very well in either genre.  And yet I keep reading it, because I’m hoping to find some nugget of information in there somewhere.  Unless there is something interesting in the last third of the book, I wouldn’t recommend bothering with it.

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