Thursdays are for…Quilting!

My whole “Thursdays are for Spinning” resolution lasted about a month before falling off the rails.  Once I finished spinning the wool/alpaca blend, I had trouble starting my next spinning project.  That extra little bit of inertia was all it took to put me off spinning for a bit!  I’m sure I’ll get back to it eventually, but in the meantime I’ve got other craft projects that have been languishing for ages and I thought I’d devote my Thursdays to them instead.  Knitting projects are so portable and easy to access that I tend to neglect other crafts that I’m interested in.

One such craft is quilting.  I quilt off-and-on since I find sewing less relaxing than knitting (probably because I’m not as good at it!) but I still love the result.  I love touring quilt shows and admiring other people’s work.  Currently I have two quilting projects “in-progress” (in the broadest sense): a scrap quilt from a 1930s-inspired pattern and a batik/stained glass Turning Twenty pattern.  I have not gotten very far in either.  Of the 40-odd blocks required for the scrap quilt I have completed precisely 1.  It is a slow process!

All that to say that today for my crafty Thursday I spent about half an hour doing hand applique on one little petal on one block of this quilt.  Not an instant gratification craft, hand applique.  I posted about this project back in November but since this is the first time I’ve worked on it since, it hasn’t changed much since then:

2014-02-27 13.25.11


As you can see, now four petals are sewn down instead of three.  Progress!  I also ran some thread through the loose edges of the block to help with some tension issues I was having, otherwise I might have been able to start a fifth block.  I still have 21 pieces to sew down on this block, and all the pieces for another block already cut out so it should be many Thursdays before I run into the same issue I had with spinning!

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