Yarn Along

2014-02-26 10.25.22

I started this second attempt at the Castle pullover back in November, and then stalled out because I couldn’t bring myself to frog the first attempt in order to re-use the yarn.  After the frogging bonanza of this past weekend all I had to do yesterday was wind on of the skeins into a ball and  join it to the sweater in progress.  Most of my knitting tends to be on the fine end, lots of fingering weight socks and lace shawls.  A worsted weight sweater always feels like it just falls of the needles, it is so gratifying to see such quick progress.

I didn’t quite manage to get through my giant pile of library books before they all came due.  I just cracked this book, Knitting: Fashion, Industry, Craft a couple of days ago and I have to return in on Saturday.  This has happened before; I just note what page I left off on and take the book out again in a few weeks (or longer if there are many holds).  It is a huge, coffee table style book published by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England and contains some beautiful images of knitting from the museum’s archive.  It is also chock full of information on the history of knitting.  I find it all fascinating, and I will definitely be checking out the book again soon so I can dig into it more!

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