Closing Ceremonies

Well, the Olympics are over…what an amazing couple of weeks!  I am so proud of all the Canadian athletes, cleaning up with golds in Men and Women’s Curling and Men and Women’s Ice Hockey.  Two of our favourite sports!  We take pride in our winter sports here in Canada and that means that the Winter Olympics always mean a lot more here than the summer ones.  It’s almost as if being great at winter is our claim to fame.  Given how much winter we have, we have to be enthusiastic about it, or else get super depressed every February!

In honour of all those athletes and their accomplishments, I participated in the Ravellenic Games of 2014, producing a pair of thrummed mittens within the 16 days of the Olympics. It was not the most challenging project to complete in that time period, but it did require me to master a new skill (thrumming) and overcome a serious obstacle when I ran out of fibre before the mittens were complete.  I’m still waiting on the official “gold medal” awarded by the Ravellenic team (it’s really just a pretty picture for the blog), but I’m proud that I was able to accomplish my goal.

Here then, is the final product:


And this is what they look like turned inside out:



Don’t they look cozy?

Unfortunately, I just realized as I was posting these pictures that I managed to make one thumb significantly shorter than the other.  Which means there is a small rip-and-redo in my future.  Those three extra thumb rows weren’t enough to affect my completion time, but since I wove in all my ends to meet the Ravellenic deadline….undoing it going to be a bit of a pain.

Aside from that small hiccup, I would call the 2014 Ravellenic Games a success over at the OneStitch HQ.  Maybe in 2016 I’ll try for a sweater!

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