Belated Yarn Along


What with the holiday and taking off last weekend to visit my family, I have been a day behind this entire week.  I honestly thought today was Wednesday, and even though it is Thursday (and Thursdays are supposed to be for spinning, though there hasn’t been much of that going on lately) I’m going to pretend it is Wednesday.  Otherwise I would have missed the Yarn Along, and we can’t have that!

Continuing my terrible luck with kits, my thrummed mittens ran out of thrum material just before the decreases on the second mitten.  I haven’t tackled the thumbs yet either!  Luckily I have some fibre samples tucked away from a Craftsy spinning course, so I’m going to break into those and use whatever matches to finish off the mittens.  After all, the Olympics are drawing to a close, and I need to have these finished by Sunday!  

My latest book from the library-pile-that-will-never-end (seriously, there are still 3-4 books I haven’t even cracked) is Knitting Yarns by Ann Hood.  Kind of like a Chicken Soup for the Soul but all by knitters or almost-knitters or sort-of-knitters.  All about knitting, anyway.  It is lovely and heart-warming and touching and all the things these books usually are when they are well-written and well-edited.  It is like comfort food.  I plan on curling up with a giant mug of tea later tonight and diving back in, probably with some knitting on my lap.  Unless the cat gets there first.  It turns out Knightley and knitting can’t really co-exist in the same space, he likes pouncing on the moving yarn a little bit too much.  But a purring cat is just as comforting as good knitting, so it works out.

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One Response to Belated Yarn Along

  1. Christina says:

    I love your thrummed mittens, the thums look perfect!

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