Let the Games Begin!

Friday marked the start of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, and at the same time as thousands upon thousands of people were watching the stunning Opening Ceremonies…thousands of Knitters cast on.

That’s right, the Ravellenic Games are back for 2014!  Every Olympics since 2006 (back when they were the humble Knitting Olympics run by the YarnHarlot), knitters across the globe have joined in the spirit by pushing themselves to complete a project in 16 days.  Despite being unable to call them the Knitting Olympics or Ravelympics anymore thanks to  copyright issues that arose in 2012, we still honour the athletes by joining them in this effort to push our skills to the limit.  You know, in a simpler, cozier way.  Without the four-year lead up to a split second of ultimate triumph or crushing defeat.

In the spirit of the Games, I enthusiastically joined in and proposed to knit up a kit I’ve had for awhile now (I think I got it at the Kitchener-Waterloo fair one year?) for thrummed mittens.  This delightful Newfoundland concoction results in a pair of hand ovens: mittens full of fluffy warm wool.  The effort of learning a new skill has kept me from diving in before now, but I thought that choosing them as my Ravellenic project would give me the kickstart I needed to get going.


This…sort of worked.  I did get through the first cuff during the Opening Ceremonies rerun I watched with a group of friends (nothing like commenting on uniforms and trying to guess the country acronyms to liven up a Friday night), but I slowed right down when I got to the actual “thrumming”.  The wool I have is full of vegetable matter and I’ve been having trouble getting the thrums a consistent size.  Sometimes I think they are too big and my hand won’t fit in the mitten and I’ll run out of fluff….and other times I think they are too small and the mittens will be cold.  Plus the knitting itself (with all that fluff in the way) has been tough on my hands.  So last night they got neglected for some nicer knitting.  I don’t like missing my goals though (have you noticed?), so I’m giving them another try tonight.  I’ll try to post an picture on my progress thus far for Yarn Along on Wednesday.

Citius Altius Fortius!

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