Goals for 2014 – One Month In

One month in to 2014 and I’m thinking I might have overdone things on the Resolution front…but you probably all saw that coming!  It has been very interesting to see how my priorities have shifted over just one month.  The decluttering issue really came to the forefront with the (admittedly relatively small) amount of stuff that comes with getting a cat and when my family came to stay for a weekend.  I don’t think I’ll really have time to deal with it in the next couple of months but I’m going to have to come up with some small actions I can take to relieve the pressure a bit.  I’m still going to stick with my original goals for the first third of 2014, but the summer may see a spike in the decluttering department.

Here is my roundup of how January went:

  • Exercise: run a 5K by May 1 – My need for peer pressure combined with a dislike of actually working out with other people led to the perfect combination: a gym buddy who will go to the gym with me and then go do his own thing somewhere else.  So far it has worked relatively well, although it took me three weeks to think of it.  I actually managed to have a regular work out schedule for 2 weeks.  I’m allowing myself to forgo the run if I go skating on the canal instead; this won’t necessarily help me towards my 5K goal but the skating is only available for a couple of months so I’m not passing it up to run around a cramped indoor track!
  • Healthy Eating: track food intake in January – ACHIEVED.  Now I just have to read over my notes and see if any patterns of poor eating jump out at me.  I have been much better this month of bringing lunches to campus and my eating habits have definitely improved over December.  I’m not going to continue the food diary into February so we’ll see if the improved eating was just a result of being more mindful or not.
  • Sleep: 8 hrs of sleep 80% of the time – I haven’t had a chance to check my notes on this one yet, so I’m not sure how I did.  My gut feeling is that I fell short.  I just find it so hard to convince myself to get to bed at a decent time!
  • Spinning: Thursdays are for spinning – ACHIEVED.  I spun every Thursday this month.  I had a slight setback last month when I tried to start with a new fibre, so hopefully this week goes a little bit better.
  • Knitting: Coldsheep all month – ACHIEVED.  Not one yard of yarn came into my home all month long.
  • Declutter: Read 1/3 of the book pile by May 1 – I have read one book so far.  Not exactly on track to meet this goal, but I did have a huge load of “on-hold” books come in from the library.  I’m going to get through those and get back on track with the to-read pile.

I’m going to try to go over the Sleep and Eating notes I made this month and have an update on my goals for February later this week.  This term of classes has turned out much busier than the last and I really feel that carving out time to keep up these habits has made me able to handle the workload a lot better than I did at the end of last term.  Now, it’s time to step away from the computer and get out on the canal…that perfect winter sunshine is calling my name!


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