January Coldsheeping Update

It might seem a little early to be doing my monthly Coldsheep update since there are still 4 days left in January, but there is not the slightest chance of any of my WIPs getting finished before February arrives.  So there is no reason to wait!

Good news: for the third consecutive month my stash numbers have dropped, finishing up this month with a stash of 17,016 yards.  The number-savvy among you will notice that this is a bare 300 yards less than last month.  I finished a lot of projects in December, so most of my projects this month are just getting to the mid point now.  Also, I knit a few charity projects with yarn that doesn’t come from the main stash, so that decrease doesn’t show up in the numbers.

I did finish my lovely soft Pretty Thing that I posted about in one of the Yarn Alongs this month, but I don’t have pictures to show off yet.  The rest of the decrease comes from a skein of Kidsilk Haze that I knit up into an Ice Queen cowl, but although all the yarn is knit up it isn’t really “finished” finished yet.  So more on that one later.

My big win this month is that I managed to acquire 0 yards.  This is only the fourth time I have managed this in over a year of coldsheeping.  I didn’t even buy yarn for the Master Hand Knitter swatches; I’ve been focusing on completing the report part first.  I’m not sure if I can hold this trend through February as I’m feeling a strong desire to knit a warm wrap out of worsted weight yarn, and there is nothing appropriate in my stash.  Perhaps if I can build up enough in my yarn “bank” (to which I add 1 yard for every 3 yards knit), I’ll allow myself a splurge before the end of this quarter.

Just to prove my number-geek creds, here is the graph of my stash (current yardage, amount knit and amount acquired by month) since I began tracking:


As you can see, I’m still trying to get back to my all-time-low of 16,800 yards from April 2013.  If I avoid the kind of stash explosions I experience last summer, I should be good to go.

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