Just Under the Wire…

…is today’s theme.  This blog post is going up with 30min left in my Friday (although since I’m spending all weekend working on school projects, there isn’t much of a TGIF moment here), and these:

2014-01-24 17.39.58

were finished and packed up tonight, ready to ship tomorrow. With any luck I have not left it too late for them to make it to Webs by the Feb 1st deadline.  The lovely Webs people will then take the hats, along with many others, to Stitches West, and from there the Halos of Hope folks will get them to the people who need them.  It’s a long way for two little handknit hats to travel, but if it brings any comfort to a chemotherapy patient it will be absolutely worth it.  Plus, I like the idea of my creations winging through the world to where they are most needed.  It’s a little spot of joy to carry with me and brighten up these interminable winter days.  And believe me, with the bitter cold we’ve been experiencing, they could use some brightening!

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