Introducing Mr Knightley

“You might not see one in a hundred with gentleman so plainly written as in Mr. Knightley.” – Emma

Introducing the newest resident at One Stitch HQ, the eminent Mr. Knightley:

2014-01-18 14.39.50

(This is from Day 1, when he wasn’t quite sure about me yet)

2014-01-18 14.40.11

2014-01-20 22.56.37

Last night, we were a little more relaxed.

2014-01-20 22.56.09


I adopted Knightley from the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue on the weekend and he is settling in nicely.  They had named him Knight but I adapted it to Mr. Knightley, the upright gentleman from Jane Austen’s Emma.  He is not quite as dignified as his namesake but he certainly has the posh glare down pat.  So far we are getting along pretty well; he spent the first day hiding in various dark corners but now he will climb onto my lap and headbutt me for attention.

He has not shown any interest in my knitting thus far (thank goodness), but I have no doubt he’ll be showing up on these pages occasionally.  He poses for the camera already!

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