Beautiful Skies

Let’s press the RESET button shall we?  Last week was a little overwhelming, and I’d like to start fresh and really get stuff done this week.  Including actually posting here!

2014-01-14 16.50.30

2014-01-14 16.50.36

2014-01-14 16.50.45


That ought to do it, don’t you think?  Nothing like a stunning sunset to start the week off in a nice, peaceful frame of mind.

I took these pictures last week on my way home from campus.  The weather in Ottawa has been a little odd of late, up to 5C one day and down to -15C the next.  Today it was -25C with the windchill!  At first the warm weather was a relief, but then came the melting and the flooding of all sidewalks.  This led to some interesting conundrums on my daily walk, since my current winter boots are not puddle-proof.

2014-01-14 16.48.54


This was the first of 3 or 4 giant lake-like puddles I had to navigate for a few days.  You can see the path through the snow (on the left) that was formed in order to avoid said lake.  Luckily the warm weather and whatever maintenance gets done on this path combined to make the puddles disappear before the temperature dropped.  Now the path is mostly clear of ice or puddles for the first time all month.  It is actually a nice walk when the cold isn’t making my nose hairs freeze together.

I have big plans to get back out on the canal for some skating if it warms up to a tolerable temperature in the next few days.  I’d better get some work done today so I can afford the time “off”, as they say.

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