Thursdays are for Spinning


2014-01-09 14.20.21

As you can see I’ve made significant progress on the alpaca fibre.  To be fair, this is the progress of two spinning sessions, since I took last week’s photo before spinning, and this week’s after spinning.  Still, it’s amazing how much fibre gets spun up when I actually sit down and SPIN.  Stunning, really.

I dug around in my notes a little and discovered this fibre is actually 60% alpaca, 40% wool, from a small alpaca farm near Guelph called Moffat Springs Alpaca.  The alpaca’s name is Jeweliette.  Gotta love knowing the name of the animal that ”grew” the fibre!

I’m really glad I started this weekly spinning practice; last week I was a little shaky in my technique but this week went swimmingly.  I’m really starting to get a handle on the rhythm of drafting and keeping the spindle spinning at the same time.  Who knows, I might even start spinning other days as well….

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