Master Knitter Program

Today was the official “first day” of actually implementing my 2014 goals.  It went … ok.  I did not get 8 hours sleep, but I was only about 10 minutes short.  And since I stayed up late watching the new Sherlock episode (which was FANTASTIC) I can’t really feel bad about that.  I didn’t read any of my book pile, and I didn’t spin; since I was on campus all day, I’m not really considering that a failure, just a fact.

I did go for a run!  This one was a close call, but I managed to find a way to use pressure to get me to the gym and once I was there the rest was easy.  I’m also finding that noting down what I am eating is making me more mindful of it, and so far (it is only day 1!) I’m eating much better this week than I was last week.

However, the big challenge to my goals came in the form of the Masters Program in Hand Knitting offered by The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) in the US.  A member of my local guild gave a presentation on this Program last month; essentially you submit swatches and written work to prove a certain level of competency in knitting.  There are three levels, and you have to complete them in order.  Why would this present a challenge to my 2014 goals, you ask?  Well, the swatches must be knit in a light, single-coloured (not heathered or tonal), smooth, worsted-weight yarn.  I have absolutely nothing in my stash that matches this requirement.  Thus, in order to complete the Masters Program, I would have to buy yarn!  I think I’ve found a way around this: I could complete the written requirements first, and then wait until after April to get the yarn.  Still, since I am already in the midst of an entirely different Masters (at university, no less), I’m not sure about taking on this commitment right now.  I can’t make up my mind.  Mostly I’m worried it will turn out to be another one of those projects I start and then have such a hard time finishing.

I think I’m going to just dive in and see what happens.  It might just be the New Year starting, or maybe its the amount of school work I can see looming in my future, but I’m tempted to load on the extra commitments right now.  It is some kind of life-Startitis!  Definitely a reaction to finishing all those projects in December.  Time for something NEW.

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  1. jmlol says:

    Achieve all the things!

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