Thursdays are for Spinning

Ok, this post is going up a bit late in the day…it barely counts as Thursday at this point!  But, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to spin every week, and given my class schedule this term I decided that Thursday is going to be that day.  I’m aiming to post every week on my progress (or lack thereof) to keep me motivated!

I learned to spin on a spindle sometime last year.  A wheel is not in my budget right now, and I was hoping that spindle spinning would be portable enough that I would be able to spin away from home.  So far that hasn’t really worked out for me, and I haven’t practised regularly enough to build any kind of skill.  Thus the new weekly regime.

2014-01-02 20.35.01

My first goal is to try to spin up the rest of the natural alpaca I bought at the LYS near my parent’s house last year (or was it two years ago? Hmmm…).  Then I get to move on to a much more brightly-coloured merino (I think? I really need to keep better track of my spinning stash) that I bought last summer.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the difference in the alpaca vs. the merino since I think that pure alpaca isn’t the easiest to spin.  If the merino turns out to be easier it might restore much of my interest in this craft!  I’ve tried both top- and bottom-whorl spindles and so far I’m more comfortable with the top-whorl, so I’m sticking with that for now.

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