Yarn Along

2013-12-29 13.47.36

One of the projects I cast on since Christmas is this Pretty Thing.  The pattern is by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka the YarnHarlot), and it is a lovely little lace pattern that results in a very delicate cowl.  She designed the pattern to use up just a little precious yarn, but the skein I wanted to use was still too small, so I left out a whole section in the middle.  After taking this picture, I got all the way to the second last row of the pattern…and ran out of yarn!  It only took two days to knit the whole thing, so I’m planning on ripping it back, taking a few more rows out, and re-knitting it.  The yarn is some more of my Rhinebeck haul from October; it’s called Slinky Mink and it is just about the softest yarn I’ve ever knitted with.  The mink (combed, so no minks were harmed in the process) fuzzes up as you knit creating a dark halo rather than the light halo that comes with mohair.  It is already shedding a bit, so I’m just going to hope that it stops once I block it.

I had to return a bunch of library books that I wasn’t finished with before the holidays, so I lost my reading momentum.  I have a few books with me but none of them are really interesting me at the moment.  Instead, I’ve been listening to Jane Austen’s Persuasion on the CraftLit podcast, which is fantastic.  Jane Austen is my comfort reading/listening, and Heather Ordover’s commentary helps me to see it in a new light.

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